The PetroSavers Engine Oil Refiner virtually eliminates the phenomenon known as “thermal breakdown” of engine oil. Additionally, the oil’s viscosity and oil additives stay in tack and are not adversely affected. In fact, the physical properties of the oil improve rather than deteriorate with the use of the PetroSavers Engine Oil Refiner. Unless there is a mechanical failure/problem with the engine itself, the oil will last indefinitely.
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Yes! PetroSavers National Corporation does guarantee 100,000 miles or 6,000 hours between oil changes.

PetroSavers National Corporation was formed to develop and market the PetroSavers Engine Oil Refiner, which is a cutting edge, oil-refining device, specifically designed for all gasoline, diesel and natural gas engines.

The PetroSavers Engine Oil Refiner extends the life of engine oil, oil filters and engines. It saves money and the environment and it lessens U.S. dependency on foreign oil, which is currently at 60%.
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